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Mxxt Events is a DJ-owned and women-owned business based in Seattle. Founded in 2022 by Christina Gilling (DJ Mixxtress), the DJ booking company represents a diverse and growing group of DJs. With a network of over 100 DJs, the agency provides soundtracks for many events around Puget sound. 


There are DJs and then there are turntablists who take the art to the next level. Some may not understand the nuance, but once you see a DJ who can scratch, beat match and use their decks like a conductor waves a baton, you will never forget them. They hark back to a time when DJing first emerged from the projects of New York, and now they are bringing all of that history to the stage with the energy and vitality of a modern-day performer.

DJ Mixxtress is leading that charge to the future and from clubs, festivals and corporate events on the West Coast, she is creating experiences that will forever stay in the memory. Using the turntables as if they are an extension of her very body, she is flawless, versatile and accompanied with the acquired musical knowledge that drives her to entertain any crowd. 

Based out of Seattle, she branches out across the musical universe and refuses to be defined by the generic labels placed upon female DJs today. She has put in her time with the vinyl, and for ten years has dedicated herself to becoming the city’s premier DJ. She has the credibility and the pedigree that many can only aspire to, and as an open format DJ, she is not limited by the expectations of others. Migrating comfortably through the worlds of Hip Hop, House, EDM, Funk, and Latin flavors, her sets are limitless in terms of their musical diversity and among the best you will witness in the world today. 

Listed in the Top 100 best world female DJ’s in DJane Magazine and placing 3rd in the DMC Final, DJ Mixxtress has since worked with some of the biggest names in the game including YG, City Girls, Miguel, Kid Ink, Ryan Leslie, Cassie and the legendary Spinderella. She has performed at Seattle’s hottest nightclubs including Trinity, Q Nightclub, Amber, Cursed Oak and many more. She has also secured residencies at Caesars Palace Las Vegas and in cities as far away as the Philippines. 

As Mixxtress approaches the top of the DJ mountain, corporate America has taken note of her unique and extraordinary skills. She is now becoming one of the most in-demand artists for high profile events and her list of clients is more than impressive. From Nike, Microsoft, the Seattle Seahawks, Jimmy Choo, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, to being the official celebrity DJ for Royal Caribbean, she has been travelling the globe and entertaining the masses with her own inimitable style.  

That style and authenticity is evidenced by her teaching at one of the most highly regarded DJ academies in the world. Founded by RUN DMC’s Jam Master Jay, DJ Mixxtress has become one of the guiding lights at the Scratch DJ Academy. For nearly two decades Master Jay inspired generations of DJs to be the best that they can be, so to provide those mentoring skills at the school that was established by him truly identifies Mixxtress as one of the best in the business. Combine that with her role at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After School All Stars, you get a real sense of just how influential and dynamic she really is.

As the world emerges once again to the bright lights and sounds that it has yearned for, it is DJs like Mixxtress that will rekindle our love affair with the dance floor. Put your hands in the air and stomp your feet because the mistress of the decks has cued the tracks and is dropping the beat. There is nothing finer than seeing and hearing her in full flow. When the Mixxtress comes calling, you better be ready!!!


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